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There's More To Roofing Than Just Shingles!

There are three main ingredients which go into a roof with a long life. Shingles are important, But so are the other two elements.


  The layers beneath shingles, Such as Ice and Water shield, provide against invasive rainwater and ice dams that can cause leaks or even lead to rotting plywood. Ice and Water shield is applied along all bottom eaves of each section of roof, In all valleys, Around chimneys, And around each skylight.

The mandatory application of Ice and Water shield along bottoms of roof is 3ft. However, we recommend at least 6ft on all lower pitch sections of roof, or if ice dams build up higher than 3ft. If left up to us we generally always apply 6ft.

Its been proven that GRACE ice and water shield is the best, (and all that is allowed on any of our roofs).

  The remaining roof decking of an entire house will then be covered with a Waterproof 30 year warranty Synthetic Roofing Underlayment. Synthetic Underlayment will continue to protect your high cost, long life rated roofing long after felt tar paper has turned to dust.

  Shingle company's will not warranty their shingles if underlayments have not been applied!


  Ventilation is the key to a roofs survival.

Moisture and excessive heat in an attic stunt roof life faster than any other factor.

Trapped heat and moisture create a breeding ground for mold, contribute to deterioration of a roof substructure, and can "COOK" shingles from the inside out.

Proper ventilation draws external air up through soffit vents (located beneath eaves) and out through the ridge of roof.

Applying a ridge vent is an escape route for heat and humidity.

**Strictly Roofing uses both "Grace" Ice and Water Shield and a GAF or Certainteed Waterproof Synthetic Roofing Underlayment to GUARANTEE every job. And to give you the 20  year written labor warranty you deserve.

GAF and Certainteed (hard plastic) Ridge Vent and Soffit Vents are also cut in and installed as needed.

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